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Digital Direct

Our brands are global market leaders and respected within their communities because of our continual commitment to research and development. We strive to better customer experience and set new industry standards with better engineering and well thought out products and solutions.

Uprint Digital Direct is a South African Brand and I want to make note that we have our own Original printing process. U.D.D is commonly misinterpreted as an OKI printing process or a “Uprint Translam printing process” (Uprint translam is our Australian Partners which went down a different route due to the Australian economy).

Yes both OKI and Uprint Translam have the same Printers, but there is a large difference!

Here are some of the benefits and differences of Uprint Digital Direct to other printing processes:

? U.D.D has no Fuser unit, therefore no 200*C heat slowly damaging your printers from the inside out.

? Due to no Fuser unit in our printer we can use a whole selection of new and different paper, which i might add is much cheaper and affordable.(we can use all the original paper you use with your conventional printers and a new selection of paper that allows you to print of pretty much all surfaces).

? We guarantee a much wider range of products to print on.

? Toners last 3 times longer than your conventional printers, this is because of U.D.D’s special and exclusive software which was designed in India, with our exclusive software you can control the amount of colour you lay down, and many more awesome features.

? Yes U.D.D is not the easiest printing process to adopt but we are the most creative, more interesting and definitely the most rewarding. There are no limitations of what you could achieve with a U.D.D printing business.

? U.D.D offers you full support once you purchase a U.D.D system, if we are not available at any time we have created a training and support app, over 70 training videos and content to help you in any given situation.

? U.D.D offers you all the suppliers of all promotional products, expert advice and we help kickstart your printing business.

? U.D.D is not only a good looking printer with equipment, but sold as a full business concept (U.D.D business package is very similar to a franchise but without the franchise costs).

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