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Creatively inspired. Solutions Driven

Perspex South Africa is the market leader in the supply of quality Perspex® Cast Acrylic products to Sub-Saharan Africa for over 60 years. The head office located in Johannesburg, South Africa, forms the hub of operations. An extensive national footprint includes sales offices and warehouses in Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth, which also houses an extrusion manufacturing facility.
A comprehensive product range ensures that Perspex SA has a product for every project or industry. Products include Extruded Acrylic, PETG, PC, Multiwall Polycarbonate, Alupanel® and LED solutions all of which are sourced from reputable international manufacturers, and locally manufactured ABS, Acrylic Capped ABS, HDPE, PP, high impact polystyrene and high density polystyrene. Perspex SA’s technical team will advise on the best solution for the job and explain the forming and fabrication capabilities of raw materials. All products carry appropriate warranties.
Perspex SA believes in pushing boundaries with a passion for the customer solutions plastic sheets and LED’s offer, and the creative possibilities they present. The entire team take pride in finding inspired customer solutions that the Perspex SA range of products offer.