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UniGraphics is fast becoming South Africa’s leading supplier of affordable and high quality portable exhibition display equipment. From once-off orders to large imports, we are committed to service, speed and an extensive range of offerings that save you money. On large orders you could save as much as 25%, especially when co-importing!  

Some of our core products include: Portable exhibition booth solutions, r
oll-up banners, fabric banner walls, fabric tables, gazebos, light boxes, fabric frames, outdoor flags, snapper frames, X-Banners and much more. Our focus is on providing a quality product range at affordable prices with great service.  

At UniGraphics, we are absolutely committed to:
»  Service
»  Problem solving
»  Reliabiltity
»  Porability
»  Quality 
»  Price
»  Availability 
»  After sales service

We are now offering portable exhibition booth solutions. 
You can rent, buy or simply design your own. For more information, click on the link below and you will 
automatically be directed 
to our sister company, Display Booth Rentals' website. 
Never before has a portable exhibition solution been so easy, so affordable and so professional!
    RENTALS of all Unigraphics products are
    also now available on www.displayboothrentals.co.za




Over the last 10 years we have researched and travelled to source the finest portable display equipment, becoming the 
sole South African importers of quality Lintel products. Lintel have been specialising in indoor & outdoor portable media manufacturing for 15 years. They have a special technological team engaged in the research, production and sales of the portable display systems, bringing the most up-to-date, innovative designs, ranges and materials to the market. Their products are sold in North & South America, Europe, Africa and Asia and are known for their high quality, competitive pricing and good service. With their worldwide distribution network, the mass quantities they produce allow us to offer the South African market the best in quality, pricing and delivery.

UniGraphics Africa imports directly from Lintel in China, and over the years our Africa business has grown rapidly, making UniGraphics their 3rd largest worldwide business partner. UniGraphics and Lintel meet every 4 months to ensure smooth delivery, quality inspection and innovation for our clients across Africa. Our main product ranges include Roll Up and Pop Up Stands, Scrolling Banner and Literature Stands, Folding Panel Systems, Twister Towers, Snapper Frames, Poster Boards, Promotional Counters, X- and L-Stands, Outdoor X&Y, Flagpoles and Flying Banners, Portable Booth Solution, etc.

All our solution-driven products are manufactured according to the ISO9001 quality accreditation and have ISA membership. This accreditation allows clients peace of mind in regards to safety, durability and manufacture of all products – making our
range not only reasonably priced but also reliable for years to come


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